Welcome to Emmy Authentics!

The intention of Emmy Authentics.


My heart is warm and tingly with excitement to welcome you to Emmy Authentics. This is a platform to share my curations of un-refined and genuine:

  • Words
  • Recipes
  • Holistic lifestyle tips
  • Upcoming events

My hope is that through my authenticity, you too can be you and be true.

Authentically Emmy




Author: Emmy Authentics

Welcome to Emmy Authentics, I am Emily, the co-founder of Behold Retreats and a mixture of both South African/Kiwi Social worker and nanny. Welcome to my blog, a place of un-refined, genuine curations by me. Emmy Authentics is a space to share holistic lifestyle tips. I explore aspects to fully thrive in the body, mind, soul, social life and spirit. I share my favourite recipes & my authentic creations wether it be writings, floristry or any form of art. My heart behind Emmy authentics is that through my authenticity, you to can be free to celebrate your own. Much love, Emmy X

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